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2016 Lifetime achievment Award: Warner Schaie

The Lifetime Achievement Award is ISIR’s highest honor, reserved for individuals who have, over their professional lifetime, substantially advanced the field of intelligence. The 2016 awardee was Professor K Warner Schaie, founder of the Seattle Longitudinal Study. Professor Schaie’s work link gerontology with social and psychological science. Realizing the need for longitudinal [...]

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2017 John B. Carroll Award for Research Methodology

Jacqueline M. Caemmerer Biosketch: Jackie grew up in a small town in New York and later lived in New York City where she earned a master’s degree in school psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.  She began working on her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin in 2011 and [...]

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2017 ISIR Prize for Best Poster Presentation: Kirsten Hilger

Kirsten Hilger was the 2017 awardee for best poster, at the 2017 ISIR conference. The award carries a prize of $500. Biosketch: Kirsten obtained her Master of Science (Neurocognitive Psychology) from the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main in Germany. She is currently working on her PhD project in the Lab of Christian [...]

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Keynotes from Montreal now on YouTube

Keynotes from Montreal now on YouTube

Recordings of Steve Pinker interview,  Camilla P. Benbow and David Lubinski Keynote, Jim Flynn Lifetime awardee, and Mat McGue Presidential Invited Address are now up on the society’s YouTube Channel! Like what you see? Then you will love Edinburgh 2018. The meeting will be held in the historic Royal Society Edinburgh buildings, with a gala Banquet at [...]

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2017 ISIR Prize for Best Student Paper: Emily Willoughby

Emily Willoughby, awardee of the Best Student Presentation award, ISIR, Montreal 2017.  Biosketch: Emily grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina, acquired her B.A. in biology from New Jersey’s Thomas Edison University, and began working toward her Ph.D. in personality, individual differences & behavior genetics at the University of Minnesota [...]

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Talking about cognitive ability in 2017

2017 has already seen more science-lead findings on cognitive ability, and public discussion about the origins, and social and moral implications of ability, than we have had in some time, which should be good news for those seeking to understand and grow cognitive ability. This post brings together some of these events linking talk about differences in [...]

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Nature editorial: A positive inflection for research into ability

As GWAS results confirm links between cognitive ability and outcomes diverse as increased lifespan, better SES and education outcomes, and protection from mental illness, information on the genetics of cognitive ability itself has taken a quantum leap, Nature have posted an editorial framing these results against wide-spread misconceptions about  human intelligence. The editorial argues that these large [...]

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Global collaboration on GWAS yields 336 genetic effects linked to Cognitive Ability!

In the search to increase important economic and health-related life benefits linked to cognitive abilities, and knowing that many of these benefits are linked to the combined action of thousands of very, very small genetic effects, researchers have recognized that they need to pull together massive samples to make progress. That recognition has begun [...]

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National Geographic piece on Genius covers work of ISIR members, including Rex Jung and Robert Plomin

In a long and detailed illustrated essay, National Geographic cover a diverse range of work on a subject of interest to all followers to ISIR: Genius. (to accompany their new series on Einstein). Lots to surprise readers: Did you know there’s a hunt to find Leonardo’s DNA? [...]

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2019 July 11-13: Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the website for the 2019 International Society for Intelligence Research conference. This year, the meeting will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota has a special place in the history of twin studies, which have taught us a lot about intelligence. The city is home to the world famous study [...]

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