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  • Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh Wedding Photos

    2018: July 13-15 In Edinburgh, UK

    The local hosts are Michelle Luciano and Timothy Bates. The conference offers an unrivaled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, present their research, and discuss

2004 John B. Carroll Award for Research Methodology


Wendy Johnson Biosketch: Wendy Johnson grew up in Tacoma, Washington, the eldest of three daughters of a civil engineer and psychologist/special education teacher. She graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, with a degree in mathematics. She spent several years as a commercial insurance underwriter and consulting pension actuary [...]

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2003: Riverside, CA

meeting 2004 Riverside University_Ave_Entrance,_CSUSB

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Arthur Jensen (Sadly, this interview was not video taped) [...]

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2002: Nashville, TN

Kirkland Hall. (John Russell/Vanderbilt University)

Program Host: David Lubinski and Camilla Benbow Invited Addresses: Robert Sternberg, Arthur Jensen, Thomas Bouchard Special Event: A Conversation with Julian Stanley (Interviewed by Camilla Benbow) Awards Photo Gallery [...]

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2001: Cleveland, OH


Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: John Carroll [...]

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2000: Cleveland, OH


Program Invited Speaker I: Marcel Just Invited Speaker II: Timothy Salthouse Distinguished Contributor Interview: No Distinguished Contributor [...]

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can you see all of this? [...]

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