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    2017: July 14-16 in Montreal

    17th Annual meeting of ISIR: Montreal, Canada. July 14-16 Highlights: The conference offers an unrivaled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, present their research, and

2004: New Orleans, LA

Meeting 2004 New_orleans_-_saenger_-_side_wall_hl

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Thomas Bouchard, Jr. Part One Invited Speaker: Ian Deary Awards Photo Gallery [...]

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2004 John B. Carroll Award for Research Methodology


Wendy Johnson Biosketch: Wendy Johnson grew up in Tacoma, Washington, the eldest of three daughters of a civil engineer and psychologist/special education teacher. She graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, with a degree in mathematics. She spent several years as a commercial insurance underwriter and consulting pension actuary [...]

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2003: Riverside, CA

meeting 2004 Riverside University_Ave_Entrance,_CSUSB

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Arthur Jensen (Sadly, this interview was not video taped) [...]

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2002: Nashville, TN

Kirkland Hall. (John Russell/Vanderbilt University)

Program Host: David Lubinski and Camilla Benbow Invited Addresses: Robert Sternberg, Arthur Jensen, Thomas Bouchard Special Event: A Conversation with Julian Stanley (Interviewed by Camilla Benbow) Awards Photo Gallery [...]

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2001: Cleveland, OH


Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: John Carroll [...]

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2000: Cleveland, OH


Program Invited Speaker I: Marcel Just Invited Speaker II: Timothy Salthouse Distinguished Contributor Interview: No Distinguished Contributor [...]

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can you see all of this? [...]

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