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A chronological list of conferences since the society’s inception. You can usually access the program and featured videos from these events!


Elsbeth Stern Talk on Intelligence, Graz ISIR 2014

Our final video update from Graz 2014 is here! Hear a discussion of whether IQ can be separated from teaching, learning, and learning outcomes. [...]

September 26, 2015 Conferences - Past, News

2016: St Petersburg, Russia July 15-17

The 2016 local hosts: Yulia Kovas, Tatiana Tikhomirova, and Sergey Malykh. The conference offers an unrivalled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, present their research, and discuss current questions and applications. Welcome Letter here (pdf). And a welcome video here. [...]

June 19, 2015 Conferences, Conferences - Past
ABQ image

2015: Albuquerque, New Mexico September 18-20

Watch keynote talks on YouTube! President’s Invited Address: Steven Pinker Keynote Address: Roberto Colom Holden Award: Alice Dreger Invited Address: Paul Sackett & Nathan Kuncel Distinguished Contributor Interview: Robert Plomin The conference offers an unrivalled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, [...]

December 18, 2014 Conferences, Conferences - Past
Melbourne Skyline

2013: Melbourne, Australia: December 12-14

The conference program is here (pdf). Lifetime Achievement Award: Linda Gottfredson: Empirical Treasure, Lost and Found Distinguished contributor Interview: Nicholas Mackintosh Update: Professor Nicholas Mackintosh passed away in February of 2015. We are so pleased to have this enduring record of Professor Nicholas Mackintosh’s Distinguished [...]

December 25, 2013 Conferences, Conferences - Past
San Antonio River lights

2012: San Antonio

The conference program is here (pdf). Lifetime Achievement Award Timothy Salthouse. Distinguished Contributor Interview: Rich Haier Part 1 Part 2 Awards Photo Gallery [...]

December 25, 2012 Conferences, Conferences - Past
Greco-roman theater in Kourion

2011: Cyprus

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Douglas Detterman Click here for Part 1 video at Vimeo Part 1: In this opening section Doug discusses the strength and depth of research knowledge on intelligence: Strength in our tests, the data gethered, theories for a [...]

December 25, 2011 Conferences, Conferences - Past

2010: Virginia, USA

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Frank Schmidt [...]

December 25, 2010 Conferences, Conferences - Past
meeting 2009 madrid

2009: Madrid, Spain

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Charles Murray  ISIR 2009 Distinguished Interview: Charles Murray from Timothy Bates on Vimeo. Invited Speaker: David J. Bartholomew Awards Photo Gallery [...]

December 25, 2009 Conferences, Conferences - Past

2008: Decatur, GA

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: Ted Nettelbeck  ISIR Distinguished Interview: Professor Ted Nettelbeck from Timothy Bates on Vimeo. Invited Speaker: K. Warner Schaie Awards 2008 Programme   [...]

December 25, 2008 Conferences, Conferences - Past
meeting 2007 Amsterdam

2007: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Program Distinguished Contributor Interview: James Flynn ISIR Distinguished Interview: James Flynn from Timothy Bates on Vimeo. Invited Speaker: Robert Plomin Awards Photo Gallery   [...]

December 25, 2007 Conferences, Conferences - Past