Sunday 26th April 2015,
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    2015: Albuquerque, New Mexico September 18-20

    The 2015 local hosts are Professors Rex Jung and Ron Yeo. The conference offers an unrivaled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, present their research, and

Booking for ABQ2015? Spend a day on the 17th


Arrive a day ahead (17th) for two free Workshops and an Albuquerque tour Adam Fraser (Elsevier) will be running a publishing workshop. Plus, Marty Nemko will be running an effective presentation seminar, in which you can learn from a pro, and dry-run your talk if you wish. Plus, in the [...]

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A wide-ranging interview with the late professor Nicholas Mackintosh, learning theorist, and distinguished contributor to IQ research

Nick Mackintosh

Professor Nicholas Mackintosh passed away in February of 2015. He is keenly missed. Among academics he was remembered by colleagues as, variously, a pioneer in associative learning theory, a wonderful head of department at Cambridge, and a leading promoter of calm and honest thinking about IQ. He was universally remembered [...]

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ISIR lifetime achievement award winner

Lifetime 2014 Deary2 head compressed

2014 ISIR lifetime award winner Ian Deary also to be awarded the 2015 James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award for his lifetime contributions to the field of applied psychological science! Read more here, or come and hear his award address at the 27th APS Annual Convention, which will be held May [...]

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Building strength since 1971: Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth


Fabulous writeup of the work of ISIR leaders Camilla Benbow and David Lubinski, building on pioneer (and distinguished interviewee) Julian Stanley. So, “How can we set up highly intelligent kids to become highly successful adults?” Read much more here on the Huffington Post. [...]

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ISIR talks!

conf pres

This is a growing list of the awesome talks we had in Graz, which authors have kindly made available via figshare. Please cite them if you use this reference! Kazi, Smaragda (2015): Embedding Cognizance in Intellectual Development. 10.6084/m9.figshare.1299354 Latvala, Antti (2015): Paternal antisocial behavior and sons’ cognitive ability: A population-based [...]

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2014 Best Student Poster Prize


Margherita Malanchini Biosketch: Margherita is a PhD student funded by the Economic and Social Research Council- ESRC, based at Goldsmiths University of London. Margherita’s PhD research focuses on investigating the aetiology and brain correlates of those non-cognitive factors (such as motivation, self-perceived ability and anxiety) implicated in mathematical learning. The project [...]

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2014 ISIR Prize for Best Student Presentation


Kaili  Rimfield Biosketch: Kaili gained her BSc in Psychology and MSc in Developmental Psychology from Birkbeck College, University of London. In 2013, she received a MRC studentship and began her PhD at the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre, King’s College London. She is currently working under the supervision of Professor Robert [...]

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2014 Best Student Methodology Presentation: Paulette Flore

2014 methodology prize Paulette Flore

Paulette Flore Biosketch: Paulette grew up in Heerjansdam, the Netherlands. In 2013 she completed her Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences at Tilburg University, with a minor in methodology and statistics. Currently she works as a PhD candidate at Tilburg University at the Department of Methodology and Statistics on a [...]

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2015: Albuquerque, New Mexico September 18-20

ABQ image

The 2015 local hosts are Professors Rex Jung and Ron Yeo. The conference offers an unrivaled opportunity for those interested in intelligence to meet, present their research, and discuss current questions and applications. Conference Highlights View or print the Conference Flyer! LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ADDRESS Leading scholar, JOHN LOEHLIN, University of Texas, Austin KEYNOTE ADDRESS [...]

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2014 Lifetime achievment Award: Ian Deary

Lifetime 2014 Deary2 head compressed

The Lifetime Achievement Award is ISIR’s highest honor, reserved for individuals who have, over their professional lifetime, substantially advanced the field of intelligence. The 2014 awardee was Professor Ian Deary Interviewed for the award, Professor Deary summed up his work as follows: “I feel like four different people in intelligence [...]

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